About Mansion

We think the crypto space combined with virtual reality should be a little cheeky, don’t you? MANSION is the first of its kind—a crypto-based brand dedicated to the finer things in life.

We’ve combined nearly every facet of the luxury market into one ecosystem. MANSION will be creating a virtual playground, where every user of this game can build his own Mansion and host virtual events to play-2-earn $MANS.

MANSION token will be the vehicle, and your ticket to paradise.


We’re also building an exclusive NFT art space where one-of-a-kind digital pieces can be minted, traded, and sold for other products within the ecosystem. NFTs can also be collected in the game to improve your balance or get higher levels for your reputation.

To have more fun, you also will be able to trade those rare NFTs on different exchanges in the future.

It’s time for YOU to get IN and PLAY.


Get Rewarded


MANSION token will be the currency within the $MANS ecosystem. This will drive constant, and ever-growing demand for the token—increasing its value.


Liquidity is locked to ensure the existence of the project.


With our new Price and Fund Wallet we will be able to give high quality presents for randomly chosen Holders. So you won’t just be earning immense passive income with our system but also get some really nice presents on top (starting at 1000 Holders).

Token Distribution

Healthy Basis

  • Mansion Token ($MANS)
  • BSC BEP20 Initial Burn: 25% of the supply

Real usecase as currency

Pools Sharing

No Team or owner wallets

5% Holder

2% LP

6% Price & Fund wallet

1% Burn

With EVERY trade!

Future Profits

MNS token holders are rewarded with the token redistribution system for each transaction. Future profits of the MANSION-Token brand will be reinvested into the MANSION market to push liquidity and marketcap to higher levels. To reach this goal faster, we will also be burning a big amount of the earned Tokens.


Q4 2021

Design And Creation

We will be designing the first webpage and create our tokenomics-systems

Fair Launch-

After launching the site, you will be able to order $MANS.

Smart Contract Audit-

Above all else, transparency and security is paramount.

Listing (Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, etc)-

Increased visibility, and increased access.

Marketing Strategy Launch-

This is a FUN project. We want the world to know.

Q1 2022

Preparing the virtual ground -

This is where we will be developing the basic playground and infrastructure of this unique game. Here we will be releasing the first screenshots of the game.

Deployment of The Marketplace -

- Work with the community to launch your own ideas for events, videos, concepts. The sky’s the limit.

Virtual Game Beta version-

-We will be starting with phase one of publishing the game.

Q2 2022

Events -

Our first virtual reality events. Big partners, big names, big news. An absolute must-attend for every international player.

Partnerships -

Sponsors and lucrative partnerships will be established.

Q3 2022

New Rewards-

Every player gets the chance to win high quality NFTs and other collectables as soon as we publicly start the full game.


To make room for a much bigger community, we will be expanding publicly in many languages, so every player can benefit from the diversity of the game, worldwide!


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Hidro Youssef

CEO & Developer
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Fadi Al-Achek

Head of Social Media
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Vin K.

Business Development


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